A short history

As a young boy Jesse started taking piano lessons for almost three years.

Later at age 15 he switched to playing the guitar, which resulted in writing songs with a classmate. They wrote an enormous amount of lyrics, and to some of them they composed music and melody. After the collaboration slowly faded, Jesse started to write & record songs with guitarist Jan Simon Schaap. As BAD INDIAN they recorded some simple 4-track demos. The songs were mostly influenced by: Oasis, Bon Jovi and Guns n’ Roses.

When Jesse moved to another city to study graphic design Bad Indian ended. While he attended art school he made music with some fellow art school students. Later he started a new project called LITTLE GENIUS. In two years time he recorded two albums on his digital 8-track recorder, using a drum machine and playing keyboard and guitars. Guitarist Jean Baseman’s contributed some amazing guitar solos to this project. The first two albums were called: Still waters run deep and The rage against the fading of delight. Although the recording quality still needed some serious improvement, the songs themselves were really taking shape.

Quickly developing into better and more mature compositions.

In 2000 HEARTSHINE was born. Jesse felt this name really suited his music style, philosophy and direction. He recorded the first Heartshine album The inside out as his graduation project. The songs on that album attracted some producers and Jesse chose to work with producer Martien van Oostrom. At the same time Jesse met guitarist Steven Svensson. Together they started working on an official studio record: The gentle art of kissing girls. For over a year they recorded demos before they went into the studio to record the basic tracks (drums & bass guitar) with some session musicians. Because of other projects and busy schedules, the record is still a work in progress... but has finally reached the mixing stage.

In the mean time Jesse continued writing and recording a large collection of new songs, swiftly enhancing his songwriting skills. Jesse has been taking some additional singing lessons from Natasja den Toom to grow as a singer.

At the moment he’s busy writing and arranging new songs, and also expanding his musical horizon; focusing on writing songs for other artists as well as collaborating with different producers, musicians and songwriters. Jesse will be following a part-time study for sound-engineer / producer, to improve his production skills.

Songwriting process:

Jesse gets inspired by:

Movies, real life adventures, dreams, muses, intuitive feelings and of course; music.

Most of the time he starts with a songtitle or song concept. After that the words, melody and chords follow naturally.

He keeps a stash of thick songbooks, filled

with all his ideas, titles and sketches. In these sketch books all his thoughts are collected, considered and if necessary; structured.

On these blank pages new songs are born

and developed, from an acoustic guitar to a

full arrangment.