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Who is Heartshine?

Heartshine is songwriter Jesse Campfens. He is specialized in writing pop & rocksongs, as well as country influenced popsongs and ballads. While living in the Netherlands, he has an international songwriting mindset. He has learnt the craft through years of experience and continious extended research.
Jesse is always interested in new collaborations, so if you’re a songwriter, artist or fellow producer, please feel free to send an e-mail.
(see contact link below)

Recently (March 2011) Jesse graduated as a music producer at Sound Education. For productional services or advice go to:

Songcoach, for songs that need fixin’

If you’re planning to go into the studio but you’re not really sure

if the songs are ready. Maybe you feel there might be some fixing to do, In that case Jesse is able to point out the weak spot immediately. Not only will he address the song’s weakness, he will also help finding the right solution for it.

Songcoaching is a perfect solution for talented and ambitious bands / artists with a limited recording budget. For bands that can’t afford a full-time producer, it may be very useful to asks some objective “fresh ears” for advise, before entering the studio. It’s way better to fix production problem by the root.

I examine: song structure, contrast, arrangement, lyrics & rhyme and of course: how all the pieces fit together.

Want to know more about this Songcoaching service?

Please send an e-mail:

My role in society, or any artist’s or poets role, is to try and express what we all feel.

Not to tell people how to feel.

Not as a preacher, not as a leader,

but as a reflection of us all.             

                             JOHN LENNON

When the power of love

overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace.

                            JIMI HENDRIX