News archives 2010 / 2009

Overview 2010

In 2010 the main focus was on arranging and mixing, getting the most out of a song idea.
I started studying at Sound Education and started preparing for my new business as a songwriter/producer.

During late summer I worked with a American session singer and recorded 4 demo songs with him, raising the bar again on my production qualities. They sound really great... more to come in 2011!

I also received my second honorable mention from the Billboard World Song contest, this time for my song: “She’s just like me.”

In november is sent my songs out to various publishers and artists. I worked on a business plan that will give me the chance to expand and continue my songwriting ambitions and pursue a career as a producer. I also had a chance to talk with American songwriters Ralph Murphy and Eric Beall, when they lectured at a musicians event.

In march I attended a three day songwriting education at the FlitsAcademie.nl (Flash Academy)

in Amsterdam, where I was taught by renowned Dutch songwriters; Paul de Munnik & Sandro Assorgia (Van Dik Hout). This was a great experience where I met some nice fellow songwriters.

In february I’ve started studying at Sound Education to strengthen my skills as a songwriter.

As a result I will become a sound engineer / producer. I will complete this study in march 2011.


Overview 2009

In the beginning of 2009 I had contact with AT Publishing who were impressed by my songs

and gave me some useful feedback. More and more music professionals praised my songs,

which was really encouraging.

In May I spoke with Erroll Antonie, the A&R man from EMI Holland, who I’d met one year

before, he was still impressed by my gripping songs and my “don’t bore us, get to the chorus”

mentality. So this time he invited me for a meeting at EMI. In June we had a inspiring talk about

my songs and again I received some great feedback and praise for my catchy melodies.

In the midst of summer I received a honorable mention from the Billboard World Song

contest for my song “Love will find a way” (a duet with Natasja den Toom).

< See picture and text on the left.

The following months I spent working on some new songs and further developing my craft.

I entered a dutch songwriting competition, the dutch writers camp and wrote two songs:

Wake up with me and Messin’ around you can check these songs out here:


I also put a lot of effort in contacting music publishers, working to get a good deal.

At the same time I was studying a large pile of interesting songwriting, production and audio engineering books. I decided to sign up for a sound engineering study, to improve my sound,

style and the technical insights of the recording process.

I’ve launched the new Heartshine Forever site in december 2009, for all things Heartshine.



Honorable Mention

16th annual Billboard World Song Contest

Only the highest quality songs make it to the top.

This honour demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a “Hit Song”